Moniker Art Fair: New York, Manhattan

1 - 5 May 2019

I can say without question that Siris Hill comfortably sits within the upper echelons of that talent, and possesses remarkable ability married with pioneering artistic ideas and integrity.

It is rare to find an artist not only capable of painting at quite such a high level, but able to put that talent to use within original ideas and fresh take on well-loved techniques. His work tackles concepts and challenges of mental health head-on, retaining substance and purpose, not an easy feat to accomplish.

I was particularly pleased when he agreed to exhibit his works at Moniker’s New York fair earlier this year. His solution for transitioning works from digital to physical formats – in this case making use of 3D light boxes – allowed visitors to appreciate the literal and symbolic depth of the works, to notably good reviews across the course of the week.

His work is without question of wider interest to the public than most, and pursuing new avenues in bringing that work to life through exhibition and installation can only prove a benefit both to the artist himself and those yet to see his work in person.