Lightbox Development

For the last 6 months, I have been developing methods for displaying my work with a professional and suitable finish that complemented my digital paintings and allowed them to have a physical presence. I've always wanted my paintings to be presented in a traditional style of a framed painting, but have never enjoyed the look of printing onto canvas. The transformation from a backlit screen to canvas meant a lot of the feeling of the work was lost.


This has resulted in designing a bespoke, fully enclosed and framed light boxes. The work is printed onto an acrylic sheet that is housed by a Black matte moulding, with a 25mm face and 55mm depth. Behind the acrylic front layer is an LED panel that has been custom made to ensure even lighting across the entire panel with a correct and appropriate colour temperature. 


There is only ever one copy made of each of my paintings, once printed and created into a lightbox, they will never be printed again. Each painting plays a vital role in my therapy and recovery, it would feel wrong to revisit these by creating multiple copies of them. Once they are created it means I can let go of what I put into it. 


Example below: Ashes - 80cmx52cm.

This piece has now sold, but for more available works please send a message via the contact page.


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