My process

Close up of lightbox

I became a digital artist out of a deep admiration of 17th Century artists but an inability due to my health to be able to use oils to paint. I taught myself the fundamentals of painting through study of the Renaissance artists and their techniques whilst learning to transfer these skills and apply them to the digital medium. My setup is very simple, I use a graphics tablet and a pen that records my hand movements, replicating my strokes within the software on the screen. I have customised the software I use with plugins made by other uses and brushes that I have created myself which help me get as close to oil painting as possible.

All of my work is hand-painted from start to finish, I work with reference images that I then use to create my pieces. This stage of my work allows me to escape my mind and the anxiety it's filled with. I use painting as my therapy. Once they are finished, I destroy the work, representing the violence of mental health and bringing a visual representation to the day to day battle I face from just being awake.  

I have been developing methods for displaying my work in our physical reality with a suitable finish that complemented my digital paintings and allowed them to have a physical presence. I've always wanted my paintings to be presented in a traditional style of a framed painting, but have never enjoyed the look of printing onto canvas. The transformation from a back-lit screen to canvas meant a lot of the feeling of the work was lost. This is how my Lightboxes came to exist.

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