Moniker Art Fair New York 2019

Travelling to New York to exhibit my work for the first time publicly.
May 1, 2019


A Hill to Live On

Siris Hill is pretty much as far removed from the modern artist’s typical journey to acceptance as one could be: spending his childhood struggling with Crohn’s disease, learning to paint in an attempt to cope with the sudden onset of mental health issues that have dogged the Norfolk-born painter and driven him to numerous suicide attempts since the age of 19; being forced to leave his mother’s home and live on the streets and in YMCA hostels because of those issues; gaining acceptance to university at 24 without the necessary (or indeed any) school qualifications. 


It sounds borderline filmic, albeit more Ken Loach than Spielberg, but the resulting work is currently in the process of dropping numerous critical jaws as the world wakes up to Hill’s talent. 


Written by Rob Sandall for Moniker Art Fair